Internships with Sagging Meniscus

Sagging Meniscus Press offers unpaid internships for students interested in learning about literary small press publishing. Students may come from a variety of academic programs: creative writing, English, literature, philosophy, journalism, music, art, graphic design, computer science, marketing, etc.

Interns become intimately involved with all aspects of work in the organization, especially with those related to upcoming Sagging Meniscus book releases and issues of our literary magazine, Exacting Clam, and also to more general aspects of literary publishing and participation in the literary community. Possible projects include:

☞ reading and commenting on submitted manuscripts
☞ proof-reading and line-editing manuscripts accepted for publication
☞ drafting press announcements, email newsletters, social media posts, and catalog copy
☞ book and magazine production
☞ art production and direction
☞ outreach and communication with a broad range of literary figures: booksellers, editors, writers, publishers, and other colorful deadbeats
☞ participation in literary festivals
☞ software development related to automating various aspects of the publishing business (production, printing, managing orders, royalties, etc.)
☞ coordinating in-person and online readings and other events

Projects are tailored to the abilities and interests of the intern.

A typical internship would involve a commitment of twelve to fifteen hours per week for three months, but that may vary according to the needs of the student’s academic program, and would be agreed upon in advance.

Interns work closely with Sagging Meniscus staff—the publisher, publicist, and editors—and with authors, by a combination of email, video conference, and, where possible, in-person meetings.

If you are interested in an internship with Sagging Meniscus, first explore our website to become familiar with the types of books we publish, and read some of them (your library should be able to get copies of any our books; if you run into difficulty, please let us know).

The ideal applicant will find our project appealing, and be a fastidious and thoughtful writer and a curious, avid and perceptive reader.

To apply, please submit a letter explaining your interest and what you hope to get out of, as well as put into, such an experience. We also request a writing sample, a letter of recommendation, and confirmation from your academic advisor that you are eligible to perform the internship. Send these materials to