Lake of Urine Cover

Once upon a time that doesn’t make a blind bit of sense, in a place that seems awfully familiar but definitely doesn’t exist, Willem Seiler’s obsession with measuring his world—with wrapping it up in his beloved string to keep the madness out—wreaks havoc on the Wakeling family. Noranbole Wakeling, living in the scrub and toil of the pantry and in the shadow of her much wooed and cosseted sister, is worshipped by the madman Seiler but overlooked by everyone else. As lives are lost to Seiler’s vanity, she spots her chance to break free of the fetters that tie her to Tiny Village, and bolts. But some cords are never really cut. In her absence, the unravelling of the world she has escaped is complete, and another madness—her mother’s—reaches out to entangle her newfound Big City freedom. The unpicked quilt-work of a life in ruins threatens to ruin her own, and it will be up to Noranbole to stitch it all together.

Dark and funny in equal measure, Lake of Urine is a sui generis romp through every fairy-tale convention and literary trope you can think of, including the wicked stepmother, the fairy godmother, Pinocchio, an enchanted penis, the goose that laid the golden egg, binary code, marmalade art and alcoholic meat snacks you can drink. It is also a merciless takedown of self and self-importance, satirizing a society that exalts the inane, drowns out the sane and eschews the divine for the profane, and a lament for the dreadful weight of our own origins, for the heartbreaking impossibility of absolute reinvention, and the heartening tug of the ties that bind us.

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“Absolutely savage… absurdly funny… truly original… In a story that takes us from a parochial redneck backwater to the sparkly lights of Big City and back again, we follow the fate of the Wakeling sisters. A supporting cast of batshit crazies dance onstage and off again as we reel from one delicious scene to another and the plotline shifts from now to then, from here to there and back to here. If that sounds a little chaotic, I can only assure you that the chaos is strictly in the comedy. The novel itself is as tight as a fist and punches twice as hard.”

—Anne Cunningham, book critic, Irish Independent

“Buckle up: Guillermo Stitch’s Lake of Urine is a formally inventive and exhilarating romp, an absurdist marriage plot with notes of Bohumil Hrabal and a novel’s heft of singularity. Come for the exuberant prose; stay for the bawdy turns and twists, and be rewarded with laughter. This colorful, original tale will not disappoint.”

Sara Lippmann, author of Doll Palace

“With prose that manages to be simultaneously exuberant and remarkably efficient, and an outrageous, slapstick approach to yarn-spinning, Guillermo Stitch’s Lake of Urine reads like something Flann O’Brien might have written if he’d just allowed himself to go really wild.”

—Christian TeBordo, author of Ghost Engine

Lake of Urine is a weird and unique gem—hilarious and eerie and oddly heartfelt, full of images and bits of language that will lodge permanently in your head.”

Dan Chaon, author of Ill Will

“Enchantingly absurd and sumptuously rendered, Lake of Urine is a raucous, brazen romp through a beguilingly fantastic world. Guillermo Stitch has concocted a banquet for the senses, with surprises to savor on every page.”

Matthew Vollmer, author of Permanent Exhibit

“There’s a world in these pages, a world as rich and strange as any that I’ve encountered in literature, and as well realised.”

John Patrick Higgins, author of Every Day I Wake Up Hopeful

“Beautiful literary prose, depicting even the most grotesque details, conveys this book’s commitment to what it holds dear. Reminiscent of Confederacy of Dunces’ bawdy humor and Wes Anderson’s colorful, yet darkly whimsical cinematic compositions, Lake of Urine is a bizarre, raucous love story with ornate surprises at every turn.”

Mari Carlson

“Exploring this world is an absolute delight. At every turn we encounter new depths of depravity, new heights of brilliance… and all of it is rendered in prose that is smart and squalid and layered enough to evoke—and perhaps even rival—James Joyce…. Lake of Urine is an anarchic, whip-smart ride through a world that mashes together the real and the impossible, the noble and the gaudy, the base and the divine. It is filmic, quick, dirty, and fuelled by an unstoppable energy from the first page to the last. Take a deep breath before you dive in. Once you begin you’ll likely want to finish the entire thing in one heady gulp.”

Krishan Coupland in Neon Books

“This is the type of book I adore: intelligent, whimsically hilarious, and unapologetically bizarre. It is everything I love about surrealism and bizarro put together in one masterpiece…. When I started reading bizarro fiction, I knew what I wanted from it. Lake of Urine is the epitome of that want. Without hyperbole, I can say that it is my favorite modern bizarre novel. If you have any inclination at all toward the bizarre, pick up this book.”

Zé Burns

“This novel reads kind of like Dubliners after you’ve taken a hit of grimy, rat-poison acid and chased it with a glass of raw sewage…. If absurdism is your jam, this book surely will not disappoint you…. The novel defies categorization as well as reader expectations, and truly does take them into a place they’ve never been before, which is exactly what great satire is meant to do.”

—Jess Flarity, in Out of that World

“This book is totally Wacker-doodle-dandy to the max!… [At] its heart is a wonderful story full of love and heartbreak, exploring the everyday fears that people experience … not the silly ones about spiders … fear brought on by the birth of a child and making sure they get the right life, of being out of your depth and whether or not you’ll be the next world champion burger flipper. At least that is my interpretation and like any great piece of art there are so many different ways of seeing this story.”

—Jason Denness, in Gnome Appreciation Society

“It is rare in the book world to find a story that is truly original while also being eminently engaging…. Dark, quirky, humorous, and engrossing. This is a singular and satisfying read.”

—Jackie Law, in neverimitate

“A most curious fable…. an absolute blast to read.”

—Annabel Gaskel, in Annabookbel

“Lake of Urine juggles polarities. Magnifies them, to smoke out hypocrisy and depravity in our obsessions…. Stitch’s imagination is envy-inducing. Fans of Donald Barthelme’s most playful prosody, or the breakneck humor of A Confederacy of Dunces, will have to remind themselves to breathe in between those first 18 pages. (If isolated, ‘Seiler’ would be my favorite short story of the last decade.) … Like Joyce, Stitch has enough invented verbiage to expose just how much he gives a shit about offering your mind an anchor. He’s inviting you for a smelly swim aimed at exploding paradigms. Unlike Joyce, Stitch keeps you reading. He’s the hiking buddy that waits just long enough for you to catch up before bounding off again…. 2020 may not see a wilder book.”

—Tyler Dempsey, in Heavy Feather Review

“Resolutely self-aware as a piece of art…. deftly delivered with skill and confidence … well worth exploring. In short, if you read one absurdist literary comedy from a debut author this year make it this one.”

—John C. Adams, in The British Fantasy Society

“Funny, dark, and entertaining on every page.”

—David Gutowski, in Largehearted Boy

“Stitch’s prose is mesmerising; his vocabulary is nothing short of awesome (and I mean that in the divine sense of the word) while his ability to weave whimsy and magical realism into an accented, almost anachronistically antiquated style is practically sublime. As a storyteller, Stitch seems to know what he’s doing, and the result is akin to the literary lovechild of Terry Pratchett and Salvador Dali.”

—Becky Long, in The Irish Times