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Spring 2022

☞ For Bloomsday 2022: David Collard’s Multiple Joyce, essays about how Joyce’s legacy shimmers out in all directions, ringsome on the aquaface of contemporary culture.

☞ Jake Goldsmith’s Neither Weak Nor Obtuse, a memoir on the phenomenology of illness, and what it means to live and think while chronically ill.

Anvil on a Shoestring: the pataphysical wizardry of Mike Silverton.

Autumn 2022

Tyler C. Gore’s long-awaited collection My Life of Crime: Essays and Other Entertainments.

☞ A new novel from Charles Holdefer: Don’t Look at Me.

☞ Stories by Jeff Chon: This Is the Afterlife.

☞ New poetry from Aaron Anstett: Late-Stage Everything.

Winter 2023

☞ Stories by Dawn Raffel: Boundless as the Sky.

☞ New poetry by Mike Silverton: Trios.

Spring 2023

☞ Frederick Mark Kramer’s Café Purgatorio.

☞ A major book-length poem from Joseph Reich: How to Shoot a Tourist (With a Bow & Arrow) in a Hot-Air Balloon.

☞ Seth Rogoff’s The Kirschbaum Lectures.

☞ An essay collection from Kat Meads: These Particular Women.

☞ Stories by M.J. Nicholls: Violent Solutions to Popular Problems.

☞ Lee Klein’s Chaotic Good.

☞ Joe Taylor’s Highway 28 West.

Fall 2023 & Beyond

☞ Tomoé Hill’s Songs for Olympia.

☞ Melissa McCarthy’s Photo, Phyto, Proto, Nitro.

☞ Jon Curtiss’s All My Darlings.

☞ M.J. Nicholls’ The Fall and Fall of Derek Haffman.

☞ New essays by David Collard.

☞ New poetry by Kurt Luchs.

☞ New novels by Lee Klein and P.J. Blumenthal.

☞ Aug Stone’s Sporting Moustaches.