Sagging Meniscus publishes nonconformist fiction, poetry and literary nonfiction by American and other originals. More about us.


☞ We have suspended our business relationship with Small Press Distribution and our books are now available through Ingram Content Group in the US, Canada, and Australia.

☞ US customers can now buy many of our titles directly from us, through this website. Among the books available are: Guillermo Stitch’s Lake of Urine, Charles Holdefer’s Bring Me the Head of Mr. Boots, and Aaron Anstett’s This Way to the Grand As-Is.

Spring 2021

☞ A debut novel from Jeff Chon: Hashtag Good Guy With a Gun.

☞ A new novel from M.J. Nicholls: Trimming England.

☞ Poetry from Kurt Luchs: Falling in the Direction of Up.

☞ Rufo Quintavalle’s Shelf.

In Preparation: The “Blank Page” Series

In Summer 2021 we are launching a new series called Blank Page, named after Iván Argüelles’ forthcoming collection, with the following titles:

☞ Two new books from Marvin Cohen: The Hard Life of a Stone: And Other Thoughts (stories); and his Ubu play, Booboo Roi.

☞ A new poetry collection from Iván Argüelles: The Blank Page.

☞ From Paolo Pergola, a novel: Reset.

☞ Two books from Joshua Kornreich: Cavanaugh (a novel) and Shakes Bear in the Dark (a novelette).

☞ Completing the trilogy of novels started by Scotland Before the Bomb and Trimming England, M.J. Nicholls’ Condemned to Cymru.

☞ Stephen Moles creeps into the crepuscular hideaways of dark meaning with Your Dark Meaning, Mouse.

☞ A play from Jesi Bender: Kinderkrankenhaus.

☞ Far-out poetry from lexicographer and quantum linguistics expert Bardsley Rosenbridge: Sorry, I Broke Your Promise.

☞ A verse translation of the Dhammapada by Christopher Carter Sanderson: The Support Verses.

☞ From Graham Guest, the novel Henry’s Chapel.

Also forthcoming:

☞ A novel in dialogue from Colin Fleming: Musings With Franklin.

☞ For Bloomsday 2022: David Collard’s Multiple Joyce, essays about how Joyce’s legacy shimmers out in all directions, ringsome on the aquaface of contemporary culture.