Sagging Meniscus publishes nonconformist fiction, poetry and literary nonfiction by American and other originals. More about us.

In Preparation

☞ New stories from Charles Holdefer: Magic Even You Can Do.

☞ This year we are celebrating Marvin Cohen with four books: two novels written in the 1970s but never before published, a collection of his recent poetry, and a book of photographs of Cohen by Jeff Brown. (Spring 2018)

☞ Israeli poet Amir Or’s Wings, translated by Seth Michelson. (Spring 2018)

☞ New novels from returning Sagging Meniscus authors Doug Nufer, M.J. Nicholls, Stephen Moles and Seth Rogoff.

☞ A hardcover edition of Joseph Reich’s Magritte’s Missing Murals with illustrations by Royce M. Becker.

The Last Mosaic, a tribute to Rome past and present by Elizabeth Cooperman and Thomas Walton, offering in a glorious maze of fragmentary episodes as bewitching and lively a brew of memory and amnesia as the city itself.

☞ Extraordinarily vigorous, electric poetry from the quicksilver mind of Anis -Shivani. (Summer 2018)

My Life of Crime, fabulous comic essays by Tyler Gore. (Fall 2018)