Sagging Meniscus publishes nonconformist fiction, poetry and literary nonfiction by American and other originals. More about us.

Spring/Summer 2020

☞ A new collection from Jack Foley: When Sleep Comes: Shillelagh Songs.

☞ From Marvin Cohen: Life’s Tumultuous Party.

☞ A new autofiction from Lee Klein: Neutral Evil ))).

This Way to the Grand As-Is: New and Selected Poems by Aaron Anstett.

☞ From Iván Argüelles: The Rudiments of Poetry: New Poems 2017 – 2018.

☞ A new novel from Guillermo Stitch: Lake of Urine: A Love Story.

☞ A debut novel from Devin Jacobsen: Breath Like the Wind at Dawn.

☞ A new verse novel from Joe Taylor: Back to the Wine Jug.

☞ From Thomas Walton: All the Useless Things Are Mine: A Book of Seventeens.

Fall/Winter 2020

☞ From Doug Nufer: the ecstatically palindromic Rotalever Revelator.

Charles Holdefer’s Agitprop for Bedtime: Polemic, Story Problems, Kulturporn and Humdingers.

In Preparation

☞ A debut novel from Jeff Chon: Hashtag Good Guy With a Gun.

☞ A new novel from M.J. Nicholls: Trimming England.

☞ Poetry from Kurt Luchs: Falling in the Direction of Up.

☞ Rufo Quintavalle’s Shelf.

☞ Two new books from Marvin Cohen: The Hard Life of a Stone: And Other Thoughts (stories); and his Ubu play, Booboo Roi.

My Life of Crime, brilliant essays from Tyler C. Gore.