Sagging Meniscus publishes nonconformist fiction, poetry and literary nonfiction by American and other originals. More about us.

Winter/Spring 2024

☞ Poetry by Ian Monk (translated by Philip Terry): 14 x 14 (February).

☞ Sagging Shorts return with Aaron Anstett’s What Now (March) and John Patrick Higgins’ Teeth (April).

☞ Aug Stone: Sporting Moustaches (April).

☞ A new novel by M.J. Nicholls: The Fall and Fall of Derek Haffman (May).

☞ A comic novel by Lee Upton: Tabitha, Get Up (May).

☞ Essays by Jake Goldsmith: In Hospital Environments (May).

Summer 2024

☞ New poetry by Mike Silverton: Yoga for Pickpockets (June).

☞ A Lee Klein novel for Bloomsday: Like It Matters (June).

☞ P.J. Blumenthal: Winston Hewlett’s Impotence (June).

☞ C.J. Spataro: More Strange Than True (June).

☞ New poetry by Kurt Luchs: Death Row Row Row Your Boat (July).

☞ A “politically pornographic tale” by Harry Miller: Meet Me at the RASCAL (July).

☞ New stories by Charles Holdefer: Ivan the Terrible Goes on a Family Picnic (August).

Fall/Winter 2024 & Beyond

☞ Poetry by Steven Breyak: A Song About Circles (October).

☞ Poetry by Marvin Cohen: Loving Candace (October).

☞ A novel in linked stories by John Patrick Higgins: Fine (November).

☞ A picaresque novel by James Damis: Zeke Borshellac (November).

☞ David Collard: A Crumpled Swan: Fifty Essays about Abigail Parry’s ‘In the Dream of the Cold Restaurant’ (December).

☞ The campus novel to end all campus novels, by Julian Stannard: The University of Bliss (December).

☞ Dan Tremaglio: The Only Wolf Is Time (February 2025).

☞ Kat Meads: While Visiting Babette (February 2025).

☞ Stories by Devin Jacobsen: The Summer We Ate Off the China (March 2025).

☞ Essays on poetry by Kurt Luchs: Tributaries (March 2025).

☞ Thomas Walton: Unsavory Thoughts.

☞ Lee Upton: Wrongful.

☞ Jon Curtiss: All My Darlings.