Sagging Meniscus publishes nonconformist fiction, poetry and literary nonfiction by American and other originals. More about us.


☞ Our sibling publication, the literary quarterly Exacting Clam, has launched online and in print.

☞ We have suspended our business relationship with Small Press Distribution and our books are now available through Ingram Content Group in the US, Canada, and Australia, and (as before) through Gazelle Book Services in the UK.

☞ US customers can now buy many of our titles directly from us, through this website. Among the books available are: Guillermo Stitch’s Lake of Urine, Charles Holdefer’s Bring Me the Head of Mr. Boots, and Aaron Anstett’s This Way to the Grand As-Is.

Spring 2021

☞ A debut novel from Jeff Chon: Hashtag Good Guy With a Gun.

☞ A new novel from M.J. Nicholls: Trimming England.

☞ Poetry from Kurt Luchs: Falling in the Direction of Up.

☞ Rufo Quintavalle’s Shelf.

In Preparation: The “Blank Page” Series

In Summer 2021 we are launching a new series called Blank Page, named after Iván Argüelles’ forthcoming collection, with the following titles:

☞ Two new books from Marvin Cohen: The Hard Life of a Stone: And Other Thoughts (stories); and his Ubu play, Booboo Roi.

☞ A new poetry collection from Iván Argüelles: The Blank Page.

☞ From Paolo Pergola, a novel: Reset.

☞ Two books from Joshua Kornreich: Cavanaugh (a novel) and Shakes Bear in the Dark (a novelette).

☞ Completing the trilogy of novels started by Scotland Before the Bomb and Trimming England, M.J. Nicholls’ Condemned to Cymru.

☞ Stephen Moles creeps into the crepuscular hideaways of dark meaning with Your Dark Meaning, Mouse.

☞ A play from Jesi Bender: Kinderkrankenhaus.

☞ Far-out poetry from lexicographer and quantum linguistics expert Bardsley Rosenbridge: Sorry, I Broke Your Promise.

☞ A verse translation of the Dhammapada by Christopher Carter Sanderson: The Support Verses.

☞ From Graham Guest, the novel Henry’s Chapel.

Also forthcoming:

☞ A novel in dialogue from Colin Fleming: Musings With Franklin.

☞ For Bloomsday 2022: David Collard’s Multiple Joyce, essays about how Joyce’s legacy shimmers out in all directions, ringsome on the aquaface of contemporary culture.

The Enchanted Kielbasa: the poetry of Mike Silverton.

☞ New novels: Lee Klein’s Chaotic Good, Charles Holdefer’s Don’t Look at Me, Joe Taylor’s Highway 28 West.