More Strange Than True Cover

After an epically shitty day, Jewell Jamieson unknowingly eats a magic-spiked meal and happens also to make a certain wish—and that’s why she awakes the next morning to discover her beloved dog Oberon has been transformed into a beautiful naked man in her bed. Conflict ensues when Titania, the impulsive Queen of the Faeries, decides she wants Oberon for herself. Is Oberon simply a man who used to be a dog, or is he somehow something more? When Jewell discovers the answer, she will be faced with a devastating choice. Will she choose to save the man she’s grown to love by giving him up, or will she honor his wishes and watch him die?


“Highly inventive—badass faeries, anyone?—More Strange than True is not your typical love story. Hilarious and poignant, this is the work of a born story-teller. C.J. Spataro knows how to cast a spell.”

—Charles Holdefer, author of Don’t Look at Me

“A surprisingly bittersweet comic ‘romantasy,’ More Strange Than True deftly blends A Midsummer Night’s Dream with a contemporary narrative that even gives a nod to the tale of Persephone and Adonis. Full of delightful twists and turns and echoes of Shakespeare throughout.”

—Gregory Frost, author of Rhymer

“What if your true love was both closer and further away than you ever imagined? C.J. Spataro’s new novel blends modern Philadelphia characters with a mythical realm and Shakespearean plot into a fast-paced and hilarious romantic fantasy tale. Don’t read it anywhere you’re uncomfortable laughing out loud!”

Kelly Simmons, author of The Shortest Years

“C.J. Spataro’s debut is in a genre all its own: a delightful blend of fantasy, romance, and realism set in contemporary Philly. This is a book for readers who love dogs, love Shakespeare, love magic, or love witty, warmhearted storytelling.”

—Elise Juska, author of Reunion

“Who among us hasn’t longed for a partner as good-hearted and loyal as our pet? C.J. Spataro’s enchanting and hilarious novel explores the complications that ensue when one woman gets her wish. Rich with unusual characters and twists tinged with faerie dust, it’s also the moving story of a longing for perfect love, and the difficulty of letting it go.”

—Jennifer Steil, author of Exile Music

C.J. Spataro is an award-winning short fiction writer whose work has appeared in many literary magazines and anthologies, including Taboos & Transgressions, Iron Horse Literary Review, december, Phantom Drift, and Exacting Clam. She lives in Philadelphia, where she directs the MFA in Creative Writing and the MA in Publishing programs at Rosemont College and is a founding partner of Philadelphia Stories. More at

pub date: 2024-06-24
$21.95 | 278 pages
isbn: 978-1-952386-95-4 (paperback)
Cover design by Anne Marie Hantho