Neutral Evil ))) Cover

This autofiction by Lee Klein, framed by his attending a Sunn O))) concert in Philadelphia on March 18, 2017, two months after Trump’s inauguration, is an opportunity for inquiry into a variety of subjects, including: anxiety, edibles, solitude, talent, self-realization, responsibility, dry ice, fog, Seasons 52, Guitar Center, effect pedals, improvising, paying attention, rearing children, raising fists, anticipating mass shootings, deleting Twitter, assassinating the president, public flatulence, private resistance, moral alignment, and the search for pure tone.


“At the nub of this novella is a love of music, as evidenced by an epigraph from The Fall, the narrator’s lingering descriptions on the properties of various purchased guitars, the resonant rumble of earth-shaking live music from the likes of Swans, and its liberation from Twitter tyranny. A neatly constructed piece with an improvisatory feel, more KnausgÃ¥rd than Bernhard, Neutral Evil ))) is an engaging and fat-hearted work, beautifully hewn in Klein’s sumptuous, impeccably crafted prose, with charm and insight in abundance.”

—M.J. Nicholls, author of Scotland Before the Bomb