Reset Cover

Lapo is a marine biologist who wakes up one day in a hospital bed after an accident that caused him amnesia. When distant memories slowly resurface and the weight of modern life becomes apparent, he realizes that having an empty head was not so bad. Like a present-day Oblomov, Lapo clings to his hospital routine to avoid the outside world, fending off the attacks of family and friends who continuously pester him. As the days go by, the pressure for Lapo to go back to his normal life keeps mounting. Will he ever leave the hospital or will he settle there for good? Lost pieces of his history may provide the answer. Interspersed with intimate thoughts and daydreams about the lives of the fish he used to study, Lapo’s epic struggle is filled with irony and depth in equal measure. Nostalgic and provocative, Reset is an existentialist journey through the inner world of a man who has lost the thread of life and finds it again in nature and his past.


“If Bartleby the scrivener were a poet, scientist, and world traveler with a temperament of engaged disengagement stuck in a hospital bed, he would prefer to write as well as Paolo Pergola.”

—Doug Nufer, author of Rotalever Revelator

“A beautifully executed blending of the clever with the candid, the tricksy with the disarmingly transparent and the sad with saudade. Lapo is a brain-injured Mr Palomar and Pergola‚Äôs writing withstands the Calvino comparison with considerable aplomb.”

—Guillermo Stitch, author of Lake of Urine