The Only Wolf Is Time

By Dan Tremaglio


“Reference points exist for this book. Reader’s Block. The Road. Jesus’ Son. The Tunnel. But these are approximations. None of them quite capture the world Dan Tremaglio has built. A world that depicts end-stage capitalism and the attendant apocalyptic effect such an insane system has on human beings and their environment. A world that depicts homelessness and hopelessness and the oblivion-seeking of deep drug addiction. But a world that also celebrates the redemptive power of love between friends, between lovers, between a man and his cat.”

—Michael Keen, author of Notes from the Trauma Party

The Only Wolf is Time is a rapid and inquisitive adventure meets thought experiment where Tremaglio’s writing thrills us with sharp, observant, and often hilarious details layered over stories of memory and connection. An expert creation that shows the flexibility of both language and time.”

—Dehlia Ackley, author of Lewd Wilderness

“Dan Tremaglio has crafted a nimble novel of David Foster Wallacian hijinks and anarchic erudition for the claustro-COVID era.”

—George Salis, author of Sea Above, Sun Below

pub date: 2025-02-03