Winston Hewlett's Impotence Cover

Santa Barbara—1970s AD. One morning, Winston Hewlett, mid-30s, idle, wealthy, disaffected, finds he can’t do it anymore. This frightening discovery leads him down a rabbit hole into an unknown world populated with pop-psych groups, mad doctors, roughneck bikers, venues of sexual ambiguity, and the secret agents of a secret society. The frantic quest for his lost potency culminates in a zany chase scene through Disneyland where, pursued by goofy assassins, he stumbles onto the hidden meaning of that place. Finally, this odyssey leads to its goal: a direct confrontation with the truth behind his predicament.


“When you book Blumenthal, your trip is fully guaranteed. Adventure galore in the unknown known: first-class entertainment, funny and serious—just as it should be. Book now!”

—Elfriede Jelinek, author of The Children of the Dead

“P.J. Blumenthal plunges us into a Pynchonesque parade through paranoia, parenthood, and a lot of penis. Whether this is purgatory or just the Montecito Country Club, it’s very funny, and unexpectedly moving.”

—Melissa McCarthy, author of Photo, Phyto, Proto, Nitro

P.J. Blumenthal is an American writer living in Munich, Germany. He is the author of a nonfiction book on feral man, Kaspar Hausers Geschwister (Kaspar Hauser’s Siblings), as well as a German-language blog, “Der Sprachbloggeur.” Three volumes of his poetry have appeared in the USA so far: A Lusty Romance, Poems for Readers and Slow Train to Cincinnati.

pub date: 2024-06-24
$21.95 | 280 pages
isbn: 978-1-952386-91-6 (paperback)
Cover design by Anne Marie Hantho