Sagging Meniscus defends an alternative vision of the twenty-first century, a beautiful one we believe in with our hearts, not the tawdry one that happens to exist and to which we are constantly asked to submit by well-meaning and other blowhards.

Our moment, to which we cling, more helpfully than helplessly: ecstatic, eternal, untimely, where memory enriches, not despoils, the present; where perception is undazzled by surfaces, and imagination untrammelled by the deadly rule of dead ideas. In this blessed time, two covers continue to hold between them the unearthly color that arises from black and white.

We choose to live in this new, living century, and to leave the world’s spent, meaningless one, where trends and wars rage and the planet’s life hangs in the balance, to the Times of our forced choice. Join us between the lines of this remarkable, living book.