Agitprop for Bedtime Cover

A portable collection of polemical bedtime stories for adults, addressing such timely topics as: erectile dysfunction during the national anthem, what happens when Nancy Pelosi comes calling, and what Model A Fords say under certain conditions.


“Don’t be fooled by the slimness of this volume of genre-bending short prose works; the surprises to be found herein abound. The meeting of the dark and the ticklish in these pieces conjures for me a Kafka doppelganger holding forth at the Algonquin roundtable, cackling mischievously all the while. This book is a trip.”

—Peter Cherches, author of Whistler’s Mother’s Son (and Other Curiosities)

“Holdefer’s Agitprop for Bedtime is a taut, fast-paced collection of short stories that explore what it is to be as American as the (seeming) collapse of our civilization. Ribald, intelligent, and timely, this book of political bedtime stories explores our social woes in a way that is funny but will also keep you up at night.”

—Jesi Buell, author of The Book of the Last Word

“Holdefer, with Agitprop, coincidentally timed as it is with a viral apocalypse, reveals a cultural psyche ripe for revelation, a world populated by the mentally doomed.”

—Chuck Richardson, author of Iterations of Lilith and Adam: An Alien’s Memoir