The Blank Page Cover

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A new poetry collection from a great American visionary.


“Iván Argüelles fills his Blank Page with astounding poetry, bringing us through Homeric, Dantesque, and Vedic worlds as well as the Americana of his youth in beautifully constructed lines with imaginative juxtapositions that would be the envy of André Breton or Paul Éluard.”

—Carl Landauer

" ‘It is difficult,’ William Carlos Williams famously wrote, ‘to get the news from poems/ yet men die miserably every day/ for lack of what is found there.’ In Iván Argüelles’ brilliant new book we follow a fecund mind through our plague year. Day by day, poem by poem, Argüelles unspools the internal news, speedy, profuse, enjambed and unwilling to cycle through the usual bromides and pronouncements. This is language on fire, ‘…midnight speech unraveled,’ crafted and raw, overflowing and yet aching toward a sublime silence where ‘meaning diminishes/ in mulch and nothing comes back.’ The Blank Page is news that won’t be forgotten.”

—Philip Brady, author of The Elsewhere: Poems & Poetics