Dick Cheney in Shorts Cover

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This darkly humorous collection of short fiction by Charles Holdefer, author of The Contractor and Back in the Game, revolves gracefully around an esoteric and, it goes without saying, entirely fictional account of the imaginary formative years of someone who at times resembles America’s most notorious—so far!—Vice President. This center provides a jumping-off point for free-wheeling, fanciful explorations, both poetic and satirical, into the archaeology of the banality of evil, that reveal, with a light touch and forgiving good humor, the soul-distorting burdens of duty, repression and narcissism in our daily life.


Dick Cheney in Shorts finds author Charles Holdefer in a puckish, experimental mood…. [Holdefer’s fiction has] a dreamlike quality akin a David Lynch film in which identity is a fluid concept and the bizarre sits neatly and without comment next to the quotidian.”

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